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Friday 13 April 2007
by  cilalp_france

From Rome to Berlin: still a Vatican Europe

After the earth-shattering rejection of the European Constitutional Treaty in 2005, we are currently experiencing a new attempt to impose a new constitutional avatar on the peoples of Europe. On 25 March, 2007, Angela Merkel presented a Declaration of the 27 EU Member States to relaunch the (...)
vendredi 13 avril 2007
par  cilalp_france

De Rome à Berlin : Toujours l’Europe vaticane

Après le rejet retentissant du projet de Traité Constitutionnel Européen en 2005, on assiste aujourd’hui à une nouvelle tentative d’imposer aux peuples d’Europe un nouvel avatar constitutionnel. C’est ainsi que le 25 mars 2007, Angela Merkel a présenté une déclaration des 27 pays membres de l’Union (...)
Saturday 17 March 2007
by  cilalp_france

The Wall

Thank you for inviting me to this event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the French constitutional provisions mandating the separation of church and state. In 1787, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to his nephew Peter Carr. Jefferson never had a son of his own, and his nephew often played (...)
Saturday 17 March 2007
by  cilalp_france

Defending and Protecting Atheism Worldwide

Merci Beaucoup. When I was asked to speak on the topic of “Defending and Protecting Atheism Worldwide,” I was immediately struck by the enormity of the subject. Think about it. Think of the social, political and cultural obstacles we have to overcome. Think about all of the work we have ahead (...)
Saturday 17 March 2007
by  cilalp_france

a balance sheet of more than 150 years of struggle of the International of the Free Though

Dear Comrades, dear friends, First I would like to thank those who organized this World Congress for allowing the Research Institute of the Free Though which I have the honor to head, to say a few words in front of you. If you want to know more about the Research Institute founded in 1999 (...)

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