Towards an International Movement of Atheists and Freethinkers (ILCAF)

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The successful world-wide Congress of the Freethinkers and atheists, held in Paris on July 4, 2005, marked an historic step forward in the gathering of the supporters of Freethought and Atheism in the world. The Congress [took place on the centenary of the International congress of Freethought in Paris in 1905 and the separation law of Churches and State in France which was ratified by Parliament later that year. So, this 2005 Congress] resumes the great tradition of international congresses of Freethought prevalent in earlier centuries.

Do you think it is time to proclaim a new international Freethought movement?

We think that it is vital to do so, and as soon as possible.

We want to do this in a friendly, courteous and brotherly relationship with the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). We do not want to compete with IHEU but be a complement to it.

Atheists and Freethinkers, we are consequent humanists. For us, it would not know there to have that of atheistic humanism. In terms of mankind or god, we choose humanity. Our philosophical position is subject to debate; we do not seek to impose on it on anyone.

This is the reason why we had an open debate at the Congress about the International Manifesto for atheistic Humanism, (published with Congress documents) which was the basis of our inviting participants to the Congress from all over the world.

By defining ourselves as Freethinkers and Atheists, we consider ourselves as the more determined fraction of the humanist and freethought movement whose prime objective is to work for the separation of the Churches, religions and beliefs from the States.

An important achievement of this world-wide Congress of Freethought was the formal establishment of the International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Freethinkers (ILCAF). Its objective is to collect information and coordinate action towards separation at an international level:

The following have already agreed to be founding members of the International Committee:

- Agostinelli Alejandro (Argentine)
- Baron Juan Francisco Gonzalez (Espagne)
- Besson Philippe (France)
- Cloutier Bernard (Québec)
- Donayre Gamarra José Antonio (Pérou)
- Estrella Hugo (Argentine)
- Eyschen Christian (France)
- Herrick Jim (Royaume-Uni)
- Hodgkinson Jean (Canada)
- Igwe Leo (Nigeria)
- James Ann (Irlande)
- Johnson Ellen (USA)
- Labrégère Charlette (France)
- Labrégère René (France)
- Lafouge Jacques (France)
- Lepeix Roger (France)
- Masson Henri (Esperanto-France)
- Mateus Luis (Portugal)
- Mbille Martin (Cameroun)
- Mbom Alex (Cameroun)
- Dr Mueller Volker (Allemagne)
- Nkunzimana Paul (Burundi)
- Dr Enyeribe Onuoha (Nigeria)
- Dr Opreti Gopi (Népal)
- Rand David (Québec)
- Riba Albert (Espagne)
- Robyn Johannès (Belgique)
- Salamero Joachim (France)
- Thain Richard (Canada)
- Tietze Ulrike (Allemagne)
- Wallace Max (Australie)
- Whitehead Fred (USA)
- Wood Keith Porteus (Royaume-Uni)

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