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Sunday 3 July 2011
by  cilalp_france

The Freedom of Conscience Manifesto

Humankind was born free. Nature has created neither titles, nor religions nor Churches, nor censorship or property. Humankind has become itself when it came out of prehistory after a long struggle against the terrible ordeal of a planet which it did not know or understand. Gradually freeing (...)
Thursday 31 March 2011

The European Court of Human Rights allows crucifixes in state-school classrooms!

On March 18, 2011, the « Grand chamber », an appeal jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights, referred to by Berlusconi’s government, has ruled in favour of the Italian State which wants to continue to impose the presence of crucifixes in Italian state-school classrooms. This case is (...)
Tuesday 7 September 2010

From NSS newsletter - 27 Aug 2010 - Part 2

GCSE and RE – just what does it all mean? Bangladesh moves to become a secular republic Catholic spin doctors try to mislead journalists over mass attendances The dire consequences of the Vatican ban on contraception GCSE and RE – just what does it all mean? In the week of the GCSE (...)
Tuesday 7 September 2010

From NSS newsletter - 27 Aug 2010 - Part 1

Pope should keep his unpleasant opinions to himself while he is a guest in this country Radio 4 is choked with religion, but greedy CofE wants even more After the Chesney revelations, Ireland must finally divest itself of the Catholic yoke - Editorial by Terry Sanderson Pope should keep (...)
Tuesday 7 September 2010

From NSS newsletter - 20 Aug 2010 - Part 2

- Pope tickets not popular
- Mayor of Mexico City challenges Cardinal to back up bribe allegations
- Abuse survivor to introduce film at Protest the Pope season
- Stand aside Sharia – here comes biblical law


“Secular views in bioethics” Review and Prospects


Friday, September 30th 2011

Saturday, October 1st , 2011

Campus Universitat de Barcelona

Facultat de Dret de la Universitat de Barcelona

Avda. Diagonal, 684


Under the auspices of the Observatori de Bioetica i dret and of the Faculte de Droit, universitat de Barcelona (Prof. Maria Casado and Albert Royes)

- Registration form and support – Barcelona symposium

- Registration form and payment (at the order of Libre Pensée) send to : Libre Pensée 10/12 rue des Fossés St Jacques 75005 Paris, France

- Symposium registration + proceedings : 20 €
- Support (50 € and more)

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6 October 2010 - NSS Bulletin autumn 2010

NSS Bulletin

7 September 2010 - Number of Catholic weddings falls dramatically

The number of Catholic weddings in the (US) Archdiocese of Boston – where the extent of the (...)

7 September 2010 - Armed forces consider deploying "humanist chaplains"

The Scotsman reports "military sources" as being "sympathetic" to the idea of establishing an (...)

7 September 2010 - Coming out as atheist – John McCrirrick

The barmy betting guru John McCrirrick tells us on Channels Four’s own "Thought for the Day" (...)

7 September 2010 - Darwin’s house and laboratory denied world heritage status – for now

Charles Darwin’s home, Down House in Kent, and the surrounding landscape where he carried out (...)