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mardi 19 juillet 2011
par  cilalp_france

No place for religious indoctrination in Ontario’s publically-funded schools

We publish above a letter of our Friend Richard Thain to Toronto Daily Star’s Editor Toronto Daily Star To the Editor — (for publication) The debate on Focus Ontario (Global TV, July 16, 2011) on Muslim prayers in Ontario’s public schools was both enlightening and disturbing. Imam Rockwell (...)
mardi 3 août 2010

In defence of separation of the Churches and the State in France

The separation of the Churches and the State is one of the institutional pillars of the French Republic. It is established by the law of December 9, 1905, whose first two articles are the following : "Article 1 : The Republic safeguards the freedom of conscience. It guarantees the free (...)
Wednesday 21 April 2010
by  cilalp_france

Secular state and politics of coffins and tombs

Poland is a secular state - said on 15 April the Speaker of the Polish Parliament Bronislaw Komorowski on the radio TOK FM . As rationalist, atheist and feminist I have been waiting for a long time for these words. This would merit a declaration of gratitude from those who are fighting every (...)
Thursday 4 June 2009

Europa laïca (Spain) and Fédération nationale de la Libre Pensée (France)

Meeting in Hendaye May 31, 2009, leaders of Europa Laïca from Spain and Fédération Nationale de la Libre Pensée from France, in order to take stock of the situation of secularism in France and Spain, as well as in Europe, from a political, legal and social viewpoint as well as possible joint (...)
Thursday 28 May 2009

Concordat challenges are quashed in Bavaria, but proceed in Spain

Concordats used to be politically untouchable. However, these pacts with the Vatican which have the force of international treaties have recently been challenged in court, even if not always successfully. Last week Bavaria’s highest court quashed a challenge to this German state’s concordat. The (...)

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